Carolyn Moss


“No matter what project I’m working on, large or small, my design philosophy remains the same: I strive to provide timeless, durable, functional spaces that are aligned with the desires of the client and the opportunities provided by the site. We founded Moss Sund on these principals from the very beginning and it has proven to be a successful formula, not just for our company, but for our clients as well. They keep coming back. And in terms of my design aesthetic, my style is modern and smart… I always emphasize sensible flows, captivating views, and I love the use of natural light. With all projects, sustainability is a given, design is key.”

Simona Sund


“I’m formally trained in both mechanical engineering and architecture, so it’s natural that I specialize in medical, retail, and commercial design. I’ve worked in these areas for over a decade. I love problem solving and I enjoy working closely with my clients, consultants, and contractors. Getting input from stakeholders is always the first step in understanding the goals of any project. Because the areas I work in are fast-paced and demanding environments, the challenge is to create smart and inviting spaces and I’m proud of the successes our team has built over the years.”