Cottage Life…

By: Carolyn Moss

At one time cottages were places owned by the affluent or by those who benefitted from a choice made generations ago.

For many cottages have been an unaffordable dream…until now.

The tides have turned, and many are choosing to buy a rural property as their family “homestead”. With rising urban real estate prices and recent trends to work from home and/or remotely due to Covid, properties in the country often offer better value, peace and tranquility. 

Heading north, where real estate is typically more affordable, means that you can actually have your dream home. Given that rural properties typically have more space to work with, it is possible to incorporate many green strategies that are difficult to implement in the city – like thicker walls to allow for more insulation, orienting the building to take advantage of summer sun and create natural cooling, or installing earth or lake geothermal systems.  

For those who have taken the plunge, the commute (when they have to venture into the city) is worth it, and the living is easy.

As “virtual” work becomes more commonplace, cottages can offer the same creature comforts, and work requirements, we have become accustomed to at home. With 5G high speed internet, you can work from anywhere (assuming you have a signal of course!).

Be it a major renovation, addition or new build at a cottage, ski chalet or farm property, we love working with owners to design their dream escape.  

How will residential design evolve to allow for the lifestyle changes COVID has presented us?  These are the kinds of issues we love to think about.  If you want to talk about your cottage or rural property project or even just bounce some ideas around – give us a call. 

We’ll respond when we get back from our paddle around the lake😉