We work with some of the largest retailers in the country so we know how important it is to maintain the tone and manner of your brand while solving real world challenges like safe and efficient traffic flow and pleasing, practical lighting. No matter what the size or type of project, from a retail boutique to a one of a kind equestrian facility, call us and let’s explore your vision together.

  • Commercial

    Commercial architecture clients
  • The Body Shop

    Moss Sund partnered to refresh the design of The Body Shop retail stores across Canada.

  • Ricki's

    Moss Sund provided consulting services for a new Ricki’s storefront design prototype.

  • Harmony Dawn

    Moss Sund designed and supported construction of a 3500 sqft off-grid retreat for the Emerge Centre’s practice of internal martial arts, Qigong and insight meditation. Also open to the public, it can accommodate up to 24 guests.

    Harmony Dawn incorporates the latest in sustainable, environmentally friendly technology with the ancient methodology of Feng Shui.